Why small businesses should use a virtual assistant for credit control

Credit control is essential for any business as it improves cash flow and helps reduce aged debt. For some people this can be an intimidating task; the more you put it off, the bigger the problem gets.

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The solution? A Virtual Assistant. Someone who can instantly begin invoicing, make sure clients pay on time, and happily chase aged debt without batting an eyelid. Complete with the skills and experience, a virtual business support assistant is there to take on those fiddly finance jobs that get in your way. So why else should small businesses use a virtual assistant for credit control?


Whatever your business is, success relies on you investing in that skill, networking with those who can benefit from your product or service, and strategically developing the business so that it grows year after year. If this is the case, why would you spend your valuable time doing anything else? Essential but low-level administrative tasks can slow you down. Credit control is essential for a successful business but can be extremely time consuming. Outsourcing credit control to a virtual assistant frees up your time to focus on what you do best.


Credit control can be daunting for inexperienced people. It takes an authoritative communicator who is able to remain calm yet assertive; chasing debt can be a repetitive task but is essential for a thriving business. After all, how can you manage your business if you don’t have regular cash flow to sustain it? At Pellings Business Solutions we have over 15+ years’ experience in credit control, giving you the peace of mind to look after your company’s finance.

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Recruitment is expensive. Don’t worry about the extortionate costs of hiring a recruitment agency; they will need to source candidates, search for the skills required, check if they’re a good fit with the rest of your team, and then wait for the individual’s one month’s notice to end before they can begin. What a waste of time and money! A virtual assistant is worth the money; an affordable solution ready to crack on with the task at hand.


Most entrepreneurs will face that moment of total overwhelm where they consider packing it all in. This is the time to call Pellings Business Solutions. Tell us what you’re struggling with and then delegate the to-do list. A virtual assistant is there to support you. Managing a healthy work/life balance can be hard at the best of times, let alone when trying to juggle every aspect of the business. Keep your sanity by outsourcing the credit control so that you can focus on what really matters.


A virtual assistant is commitment free. Sure, we hope to begin a strategic partnership, but you’re not tied down to work with us. Perhaps you just need your credit control sorted as a one-off project, or maybe you’re just looking for a 3-6 month fix until you get back on your feet. That’s ok. Virtual assistants offer flexibility to prop up your business whenever you need it.

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Small businesses should use a virtual assistant for credit control because it provides people with personal support, skilled expertise and instant solutions.

As your virtual credit controller, our pledge to you is simple – we’ve got this. To get help with your credit control, get in touch with Pellings Business Solutions or call 07411 729928 for a quick no obligation chat.