Why you should hire a virtual assistant for your database management


Have you ever looked at your desk and thought “I’ve got so much paperwork to do! Even my paperwork has paperwork!” This has then prompted a feeling of stress and guilt followed by nipping to the office kitchen to make a coffee whilst you think about the all the paperwork that you should be doing. 

Don’t worry – we’ve got this.

Hiring a virtual assistant for your database management makes sense on so many levels and is a worthy investment. First of all, it is essential that businesses remain GDPR compliant. GDPR came in to effect in May 2018, but it’s really not that scary, and somethings that Pellings Business Solutions has a lot of experience in. We simply manage your data by making sure that relevant client details are up to date, out of date data is cleansed, and that new prospects are added to the system in a timely fashion. 

Companies need to be able to measure their success, but how can this be measured if the data isn’t stored correctly? We take this time-consuming and unloved (but essential) task and transform it in to an organised system that enables you to quickly gain access to the information you need. Data entry needs to be input accurately and regularly. This data can then be transformed in to spreadsheets and reports which allows you to analyse business data – safe in the knowledge that it is accurate and current. Faulty data leads to misleading results, which in turn can affect every aspect of the business. We streamline your database management which makes you more efficient, and the more efficient you are, the more successful your business will be. 

A virtual assistant can also ensure your database is consolidated with your monthly newsletters, so that your customers are staying up to date with the latest company news. Routine paperwork including simple filing, scheduling your calendar, coordinating your email inbox, managing your credit control and invoices, ordering supplies and assisting in plenty of other virtual assistant tasks– all of which would take up your time that can be better spent doing what you do best. 

Database management can be time consuming, faffy, fiddly, and your patience will get prickly. Managing your work/life balancetakes priority, so hiring a virtual assistant to manage your database will ensure that you remain compliant, fresh, and on top of current and new clients. It’s also a great way to make sure that no one gets forgotten about, like a business card stuffed in a jacket pocket that won’t be worn again for another six months.

Hand the data to your virtual assistant who will swiftly pop it on the CRM. Did the prospect mention they’d be moving offices, or that they will be attending a particular event? It’s these important details that help develop professional rapport at a later date but that can easily be forgotten long after the interaction took place. 

We all know that the big C word is on the horizon: Christmas. After the festivities have died down and the last Quality Street has been consumed, people begin to think about their new year’s resolutions. For many, this will be a pro-active approach to their work. What better way to begin the new year than by making sure your database is up to date, so you’re primed and ready to take on new clients?

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