Benefits and what you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Pellings Business Solutions

When I first started my VA business and began going to networking events, people hadn’t really heard about Virtual Assistants and the ones who had heard of us were never really sure how a VA would work for their business. If you had tried to educate businesses 5 or 10 years ago you would have been met with a response, along the lines of “I need a permanent member of staff”“I want to see my assistant regularly” and the idea of having someone they could outsource to who works from home would have been a huge “thank you but no thank you!”. 

Pellings Business Solutions

Now, fast forward 5 years and more and more businesses are cautious about their overheads and we now live in a society that working from home is acceptable. We are a nation who are conscious about our health and well-being but still struggle to maintain a work/life balance.

So, what are the benefits of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant?

  • As your business grows the benefits of hiring a personal assistant is beneficial to your development
  • No need to budget for PAYE/ annual leave/ sick pay or pensions as we work contractually 
  • You can call on us as and when you need help
  • You do not need to provide a permanent space in your office
  • A Virtual Assistant will add value to your business,
  • We can help with your business administration
  • Carry out your email and diary management
  • Help create databases for your business contacts and clients and 

A Virtual Assistant is the perfect way to get organised, save time and money and keep track of important deadlines, events and appointments.

If you would like to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss what areas of your business you are finding difficult to maintain a balance in, then please send an email to or call me on 07411 729928. I would love to hear from you.