How to know when the time is right to hire and outsource to a Virtual Assistant?


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There are many reasons that business owners hire a Virtual Assistant to outsource their extra admin work and use their skills to help grow their brand. Here are some examples below in how I work with my clients and help ease any stress which they be experiencing.

  • You may wish to do more networking to build your client database, concentrate on improving your customer service for your current clients or maybe you prefer to do the creating side of your business and hate admin. Is this you
  • Many of my clients have lost their work/life balance and are finding that they are working into the evenings or giving up their weekend just to complete their admin, we all know admin takes a while so why not outsource to someone who naturally enjoys this type of task. Does this sound familiar?
  • I am often asked to carry out online market research tasks, creating databases, making telesales calls, preparing documents for their clients, monitoring emails and replying where necessary, preparing newsletters, social media keyword searches for future posts, raising invoices, chasing payments – these are just my main tasks which my clients use. Do any of these services sound appealing?
  • I know it is hard having to trust someone enough to take them on as part of your team but at Pellings Business Solutions I do pride myself on understanding my clients needs and visions and how their business works to ensure that I write like my client and when I make calls for them I will always say I am calling from their business – so it sounds like I am an employed team member. They never know that I am a Virtual Assistant.

How I knew it was time to outsource?

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To enable successful growth and maintain a work/life balance it is vital to any growing business to know when it is the right time to get assistance in taking their business to the next level. I have written a few blogs about this in the past but today I wanted to share my battles and plans for the future.

For me when I found myself working late evenings and running out of time in my core hours to network, work and to manage the business I knew it was time to expand my team. I was burning myself out and getting stressed out. It took stepping away for a week to truly realise and remember why I set the business up in the first place. To help others and to be there for my family.

My personal challenge has been difficult and knowing what I can let go of and pass to my team is difficult, but with the help of my supportive clients who know that with my natural growth and ideas for the business and knowing that for me to succeed I need a team behind me to ensure their business continues to grow, I need to outsource some of their tasks.

My initial struggle was personal, and I was having a constant battle with myself in feeling that I was letting my clients down if I chose to take on a team member, knowing that they chose to work with me and liked my energy and personality. It has been me that they have built the trust and rapport with over the past year and I was worried that by passing some of my workload to one of my team that I had to let go to a degree. Something I find hard doing. As do many of you struggle with I am sure. We are only human after all.

Once I understood that it is beneficial for both parties and I spoke to my clients, I knew that it was the right thing to do for their business and mine.

The hardest thing that I have found difficult with and am still struggling to get my head around is knowing what I am able to outsource to my team as many tasks require personal login information, so I have an agreement that I will still maintain my clients email and diary management but sometimes if the project allows it will be completed by one of my ladies. I am now not a one-woman band! And love to shout it from the rooftops!!

Are you ready for the new tax year? 

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Now the head ache of the past few months is behind you and your VAT return has been submitted along with your end of year accounts, it is time to look forward to a prosperous new business year. For many of you it could be that you schedule a well-deserved holiday or structure your business plan and sales projections for the coming year or maybe it is simply you re-evaluate your business and decide what would be the best next step to make 2018-2019 your best year yet!

I was lucky and submitted my end of year self-assessment last year and have been able to concentrate since January on how to move my Virtual Assistant business to the next level and work out a strategy on how to do this. To date I am hitting my mid year target and working on how to smash my end of year target – the end year target will be a challenge as it is all about striking a balance and ensuring my clients still get 100% of my time thus meeting new business owners to expand my client base.

Do you think you can grow your business alone?

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For me I decided that this year as my Virtual Assistant business is now growing at a steady rate and my time is getting limited that I wanted to expand and take on a few team members to absorb the growth. I knew that I only wanted to work with people who I trusted and who I could rely on. I was lucky to find 3 ladies who help me with some admin tasks and social media tasks and I know that if I am snowed under that they will step in and assist me.

Unfortunately, if we want to grow and take our businesses to the next level we cannot do it alone. We are not superheroes and it is OK to ask for some help. Work/life balance is so important, and it is a good idea to take time to reassess how the business is growing from time to time and make sure we are on track and make any relevant changes where needed.

Are you worried about how much it would cost you?

I offer a variety of different packages to suit your budget or requirements: –

  • Pay by the hour – I invoice when the task is completed each week or month
  • Monthly packages – I will invoice monthly and your choices of bundles are from a minimum of 5 hours a month, which will be split over the course of the month
  • If you purchase a monthly bundle package it will cost, you slightly less than if you paid for Ad hoc hours – Does this sound appealing?

If you hire a PAYE member of staff you must cover items like sickness, holiday, guarantee work, offer benefits, pensions, cover the cost of the computer equipment, telephone, electricity etc.

Remember with a Virtual Assistant you only pay for the hours that are worked – no hidden extras and we supply our own equipment!

I offer a FREE initial consultation and 30-minute update calls weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your requirements.

If you would like to find out more or after some advice, then please get in touch and let’s schedule a time to chat or have a 1-2-1 meeting. I am based in Whiteley in Hampshire just off the M27.