Work/Life balance and managing your Admin


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Following on from my blog about Life of a Virtual Assistant – Balancing work and life on 13th February 2018 I decided to offer some insight into how to manage your Admin paperwork and the benefits of business support and outsourcing this task to a VA.

Did you find my post about balancing work and life inspiring? Did you read the blog whilst juggling kids, dinner and work emails? – this was feedback given from a network member last week. If so you could benefit from my years of experience and my knowledge on how I manage my Admin.

I always ensure that my clients have my time during 9am – 5pm as obviously running a business they are my priority and I want to make sure that my time is scheduled appropriately. If I have had a busy day or week then my own admin seems to sometimes take a back seat during the day and I find I am working in the evening to complete certain admin tasks to keep the business ticking over.

Types of Admin tasks as a Virtual Assistant I handle every day

Pellings business support admin tasks

I have a variety of task lists which need to be completed during the day or week.

Lead list: – This list is updated regularly with new leads, follow ups and if the lead has been won or lost. All new leads are entered into my database with scheduled dates

Invoice list:- I update this list regularly as raising invoices to our clients is important otherwise how are we going to manage our cash-flow! I raise the invoices, then send out if the project or task has been completed, enter the information into my accounts spreadsheet and schedule a follow up date to check if the payment has been received.

Client to do list:- As I work for different businesses through the day, I have to manage my tasks and schedule time in the diary to ensure that all work allocated is completed.
Currently I use ‘Sticky notes ‘ on my PC desktop with a breakdown of exact tasks that need completing for each client and how much time to schedule. In my diary the time has been allocated accordingly and if I have a client who has purchased one of my monthly hourly packages I often have to make a note how much time is left. This is when I use Toggl the time tracker it is extremely useful for tracking how much time has been spent for each client and highly recommended.

General Admin to do list:- This list is relevant to my general admin. It covers updating my website, brainstorming, writing and uploading my blogs, social media idea posts, updating my database with any new people that I have met. I have an excel spreadsheet with all my networking contacts and have it listed where I met them, have we set up a 121, connected on the social media platforms and when we met etc – I also use Hubspot which allows me to use this for my clients and potential leads. Great platform and its FREE which is also a bonus.

How big is your to do list?

Pellings Business support

I have given you some ideas on what admin and types of lists I have which are an integral part of my Virtual Assistant business, now it is time for you to tell me about yours. I have started off with some questions for you to answer.

  • Have you found recently that you have list after list with your tasks to do or ideas on how you want to move your business forward but do not have the time to carry them out yourself? I can help you work through your tasks and help you grow your business to the next level.
  • Has your business grown recently? This could be the perfect time to reduce your stress levels and outsource those time-consuming tasks
  • Do you have invoices to raise or unpaid and need some credit control chasing carried out? I have over 15 years’ experience in purchase and sales ledger and love chasing people for money. As a business owner it could be detrimental to your business having to contact your customers personally for payment on overdue invoices – leave it to your own personal Credit Control VA
  • Are you promoting your business on social media? this should be a key part to marketing your business and building an online presence. I can help make this happen and steer you in the right direction
  • How about those business cards!! With all your networking or 121’s you are having I bet you have a pile building up on your desk, in your handbag, in your car or wallet? It could be time for a database to be created just like mine, so you can track where you have connected with people and where you have met etc.
  • Do you have a list of follow up calls you want to action, but you just do not have the time to make them? I have an excellent professional telephone manner, so you can trust that I will portray your business exactly how you want to be heard
  • What about market research – this is so important in your business – obviously remembering about GDPR – no spamming your contacts… we need to know how to market what we offer to our potential business. I can collate some online research and make those sales calls for you and line you up some meetings
  • Last but not least what about Email and Diary Management – Do you have an inbox which is creeping up in numbers and not decreasing? If so let me have control and monitor your emails and calendar for you – I have excellent organisational skills and could soon turn your inbox into manageable viewing.

If this is the case now is the time to think about outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant for your business support – I can help you manage your time and take your business to the next level.

I am based in Whiteley in Hampshire and am available to meet for a 121 or we can have a chat. Please comment below / email or call me to set up a meeting.