What is a VA and how can one help your business grow?

You may have heard of a VA (Virtual Assistant) but what exactly does one do and how can it transform your working life and therefore your business? Karen Brooks of Pellings Business Solutions explains.

A VA can transform your business - but how?

A VA can transform your business - but how?

Think back to when you worked in permanent employment; did you have a secretary or a personal assistant or did your directors or managing director have their own PA? They inevitably worked for many directors at a time and had to juggle many responsibilities to ensure that their manager’s work life ran smoothly

To business leaders and department heads, a PA is invaluable.  But it’s not just senior staff who need the kind of support a PA gives. Think again back to when you were last employed. You focused on your specific role while your colleagues handled other aspects of running the business day-to-day.

Most startup and small business owners don’t have the luxury of a PA or colleagues to deal with all aspects of the business. This means they run every function, department and element of the business - a time-consuming and exhausting job. 

Step forward the Virtual Assistant. The VA can act as a traditional PA, or become a virtual ‘department(s)’ within your business, dealing with those areas which you are unable to offer value and get in the way of making a highly successful business. Here are some examples:

What tasks can a VA offer your business?

  • Administration tasks – raising letters; reviewing processes; contacting clients; sending emails; fielding phone calls.

  • Sales ledger - credit control; raising invoices; carrying out risk reviews; writing chase processes and letter templates

  • Purchase ledger – Logging receipts; expenses; inputting your suppliers

  • Business development – Advice, mentoring and practical

  • Office management – email and diary management

  • Sales Management – online market research; sales calls; writing pitches

  • Marketing / social media – Assist with blogs; designing and writing newsletters; write/schedule/posts on most social media platforms

  • Write training processes for staff

These are the main areas that a VA can help with, but there are many other services that can be tailored depending on your needs. The point if you’ve got important but time-consuming tasks that need fulfilling, it’s very likely that using a VA will make financial sense.

Regardless of the exact calculation, your time is very precious, and you are struggling with a work/life balance and feel like you’re drowning in your to-do-list. You need help and a VA is a great option.

Why not just employ a PA?
Yes, it’s possible to directly employ a PA or another person to run a specific area of your business. But there are major cost implications to do this and a VA offers you the best of both world. Why?

A virtual assistant mainly works from home, saving on your office space and your overheads. We supply our own equipment and will always follow GDPR guidelines to ensure that your business and your contacts are kept safe and secure. Crucially, you only pay for the time we work and there are no hidden extras, unlike a permanent employee.

The services that Pellings Business Solutions offer can help you in all areas of your business and we are able to support you and manage your office while you concentrate on what you enjoy the most. We can free up your time, so you are able to network for more business and make new connections. Time is very precious and to be proactive and successful, time management plays a key role.

My clients love the idea that they can outsource their time-consuming office admin tasks to us and we understand their needs and requirements. Our diary is organised, and we always ensure their deadlines are met and we have many 5* reviews on Google, on our Facebook page and LinkedIn recommendations.

Now you understand what a VA is and how one can support you in your business has it given you some ideas on what you may need help with? If so then please follow the contact us page with your enquiry and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to find out about you, your business, your struggles and your vision for your business.