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Have you ever wondered if you could afford an admin assistant and heard the term Virtual Assistant but not sure if one would work for your business or if one is worth the money? then this is the blog for you. I am going to explain and give some real life examples of how our clients have noticed the benefits of outsourcing to us.

So now the summer is over, you are back in full work mode and the children have settled back into their usual school routine you now feel ready to think about that mountain of paperwork or the giant to-do-list, that you keep meaning to get to that has built up over the summer.

You have crunched some numbers and know that your business can not continue to stay afloat with you working on all aspects of your business, i.e all the office tasks, managing your clients and their expectations, growing your client database through networking, 1:1’s or online advertising.

Unfortunately as much as we want to see ourselves as superwoman or superman we just can’t sustain this for any length of time or we will burn ourselves out and soon lose the work/life balance which, is why we set up our businesses in the first place.

After some procrastination you have worked out you definitely need some assistance if you ever want to grow your empire but think that your business is too small to be able to afford to hire a Virtual Assistant.

If you are nodding your head and everything I have said is how you are feeling right now, then I am here to assure and advise that you do not have to be a massive business to be able to afford to hire a VA.

We all need help, even me. The biggest step is recognizing you can not go it alone.. so well done for getting this far. Remember what Albert Einstein says “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them”

I have been running Pellings Business Solutions for 4 years now and during this time have worked with a variety of industries ans sized companies and I can safely say that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are we can help you in all aspects of your business and have different packages to suit your budgets.

Helping businesses succeed is what we love to do and always want to help everyone so will come up with the right package that suits your budget. Our most popular package is our 10 hours a month retainers but we can also work with you on an Adhoc basis or find a package that best suits your requirements.

If you are unsure of the benefits or unsure about what you could outsource, I would recommend reading a previous blog I wrote Benefits and what you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant which will explain in more detail the benefits and I hope answer any reservations you may have in going down this business support route

Not only is a VA more affordable than you think, we can guarantee your new assistant will quickly pay for themselves many times over.

Here are what some of my customers say about using us as their VA for their business support.

Jeannette Jones from Anygreenwilldo says that she has noticed the benefits of using Pellings Business Solutions and will continue to call on us as and when she needs us.

"I am a sole trader, who suddenly realized that my time was being taken up by 'admin' rather than meeting potential customers. I had got to know Karen through various networking. I never thought I was a big enough entity to require support. After a 1:1 with Karen, explaining how I needed database setup and GDPR conformity, she went off and within a very short period of time returned with exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic, very dependable, highly recommend and will continue calling upon her on an ad hoc basis.…"


Nicole Geddes from Manic Stage Productions met me a year ago at a networking event and after a brief chat she decided she wanted to begin working with us. Nicole had explained that she had experienced issues in the past with admin assistants and was concerned about outsourcing again, but I put her mind at rest and we have since built a great working relationship. Nicole purchases a monthly retainer package and this is what she says.

"Karen has literally lightened my work load and given me my time back to work on the aspects of my business that I enjoy and am skilled at! She is efficient, personable and great at what she does. I am so pleased I have found Karen and will continue to pass her the dreaded admin jobs that I dread each week!"

If you would like to have a FREE no obligation chat and to discuss the benefits and understand how we can help you with your pain points in your business, then please get in touch on 07411 729928 or to arrange an appointment or alternatively lets have a live chat via the link on my website.

P.S We are so proud to announce that we have been nominated in two categories for an award in the ‘Super Service’ and ‘The Hampshire Women’s in Business of The Year 2018’ which is being organised by Trudy Simmons who runs The Daisy Chain Group and Hampshire Women in Business online and meeting based groups. Voting closes on 14th October, with the top 3 finalists from each category to be announced shortly after. The awards ceremony is being held on Saturday 17th November 2018 with the winner to be announced on the evening.

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Karen and the team at Pellings Business Solutions


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