Hate networking? Let your VA manage your personal brand on LinkedIn

Did you know there are over 500 million memberson LinkedIn with 40% of people logging on every single day? Social media channels can be addictive, time-consuming, and distracting, and you can easily get lost scrolling, connecting and reading content until you suddenly realise you’ve spent an hour reading dialogue between people you’ve never met. The answer? A virtual assistant who can network and manage your personal brand, leaving you to focus on your business.  


People buy people. Company pages on social media are far less engaged with compared to the CEOs of those companies. For instance, on Twitter, Tesla has 3.2 million followers, but Elon Musk has 24.4 million.  Microsoft has 8.4 million followers and Bill Gates? A whopping 46.4 million. As humans we want to get to know the personalities behind the brand. Popular content is personal, engaging, relatable, entertaining and the main joy is that we are not being sold to. However, there is undeniable value in social media marketing as demonstrated by a Sprout Social survey in which 75.3% of people said they made a purchase because of something they saw on social media. Many people have heard the name Jeff Bezos because the Amazon CEO has propelled himself in to the limelight as a brand name, just as much as Amazon has. 


So how do you manage your personal brand as well as achieve all those goals you’ve set for 2019? If you’re Musk, Gates or Bezos then you are either a) currently sunning yourself on a tropical island whilst your thousands of employees run your company for you or b) you have cleverly outsourced this aspect of your business. The benefit of regularly networking and managing your personal brand is that people can communicate with you and engage with the interesting content you share.


A VA can source prospective clients, develop professional relationships and provide genuine authenticity to your personal brand. This will include making approved connection requests, replying to messages, liking and sharing industry-related content as well as networking without you ever having to leave the office. This also proves beneficial if your virtual assistant is already managing your database, as they can then instantly update new connections in the CRM and add appointments in the diary (check out a further 40 tasks that a virtual assistant can help with).


With an average of 2 new LinkedIn members every second, just think of how many potential clients ‘you’ could have engaged with in the time it took to read this blog. A carefully structured discussion between the business and the VA as to how they want to be represented online is needed first, but having a consistent presence, sharing ideas and connecting with new people will help your business to flourish. 


Get in touchwith Pellings Business Solutions to discuss how a virtual assistant can help you network and boost your personal brand.

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