Forget Brexit: Why virtual business support will help your business no matter what

These are uncertain times. Our country may or may not be leaving the EU, we may or may not end up with a no-deal Brexit, and no one really knows how this is going to affect businesses.

You may have already noticed a few companies beginning to notify you of paperwork that will need sorting once we leave the EU. For example, my insurance company wrote to me recently notifying me that if I want to take my vehicle outside of the UK after 29thMarch, I’d need to get a Green Card. This international certificate of insurance proves you have adequate cover. What it proves to me is that, yet again, I have to faff about with admin that I didn’t before. 

 We’ve heard in the news that many big businesses (Dyson, Panasonic, Sony and JP Morgan to name just a few) have decided to relocate their head offices out of the UK. For smaller businesses, the uncertainty is left behind. Almost a third of the way through the year, companies have already begun investing in their goals for 2019 and are now yet again faced with another curveball. How can I afford my overheads? What paperwork do I need next? Where will I find the time to research this, let alone spend time filling it out?


 Sometimes we all need a little bit of help. Virtual business support is perfect for times of uncertainty. Rolling contracts, fixed fees, outsourced admin and most of all, Brexit-compliant. EU or no EU, there are bound to be changes, and when these letters come through from all the big boys (HMRC, accountants, insurance companies, etc.) then this is where having a virtual assistant comes in handy. 

 Small businesses will be concerned about money, which is another reason to get on top of credit control. Now is not the time to have aged debt, so outsourced business support can begin managing cash flow whilst the politicians fight over the little things like running our country. We’ve also got the end of the financial tax year upon us (groan) so if you find yourself paralysed by what to do next, it might be worth considering passing it over to someone else. We’ve made a list of 40 tasks that a virtual assistant can complete in under one hour or less – a nifty starter for ten on how outsourced business support can help you wade through these choppy waters. 



Difficulties surrounding EU citizens, European manufacturing, trade costs and even EU data storage – these are all complications that need investigation and research takes time. Imagine how good it will feel being able to shake off that nagging feeling that you need to be looking in to this (a bit like when GDPR came around). One key point to consider is that if British clients have previously outsourced their business support to European countries, they may prefer to connect with British suppliers to streamline their processes. The busier you get with new business, the more admin you can throw at your virtual support team. 

At this stage, no one – including the people who run our country – knows what will come next, but if you’d like some help figuring it out, we’ve got your back. To raise any business concerns you might have, get in touch via or use our contact page to send a quick message. We’ll help your business, no matter what.