How a virtual assistant can improve your customer service

We all know what good customer service feels like. Genuine, friendly, helpful people who have made an effort to ensure that we have had the best experience, and so important that bad customer service will actually stop us from returning to somewhere even if the product itself is actually very good. 

Small business owners are exceptionally busy concentrating on achieving their goals which is why it can seem like an insignificant and mundane task to keep in contact with their connections. Unless you’re actually working with a client, you don’t need to contact them, right? Wrong. Great customer service should never stop; whether that’s replying to emails, following up after quotes, connecting with people on social media or simply sending clients and suppliers a Happy Birthday message. All of these are actually important ways to help your business grow. What’s more these are key touch points with individuals who will be reminded that you are there, that you care, and that you value people at all times, not just when they’re buying from you. 

 A virtual assistant is the ideal personal to enhance your brand’s customer service. Let’s say that you run a start-up company delivering local, organic, responsibly grown vegetables to community coffee shops and restaurants. Your mission is to provide fantastically healthy quality food to improve nutritional wellbeing in the neighbourhood. Sounds lovely doesn’t it! Here are two lists: one explaining the scenario, and one giving evidence as to how your VA will support the business and provide great customer service. 

Scenario - Meeting new clients

Virtual Assistant tasks -

  • Add client’s names, numbers and addresses in to your CRM

  • Schedule next meeting in the diary and send out calendar invites

  • Jot down personal anecdotes – “Sarah’s 50th birthday is next Tuesday so send a birthday card. Dog’s name is Jasper. Thomas is her brother, mentioned in passing that he adores parsnip soup.”

Seconds after the meeting has finished, you get in to the car. Before starting the engine, you quickly text, add a Trello task to your shared board or email your virtual assistant with the above updates. Your VA can quickly update your database, schedule a ‘thank you for your time earlier today’ email to go out in an hour, buy a birthday card (slip in a dog biscuit for Jasper) and arrange to post a small care package full of juicy parsnips so that Thomas can taste just how delicious your veggies really are.

That, my friends, is great – possibly business-winning - customer service. And all it took for you, was a quick text to your VA. 

This is just an example, but there are so many tasks that a VA can complete for you, from credit control to managing your LinkedIn profile- but just remember that an often forgotten about resource is daily customer service. Replying to comments on the business social media pages, updating Instagram with a photo of the clients you’ve just met with a warm thank you (tagging in the clients and doing a bit of free publicity for them is always an instant win), and even calling clients a few days after a package has been sent to ensure it’s been received on time.

It may not seem like much at the time, but people will always remember the way you made them feel. Your positive impact could lead to fantastic word-of-mouth referrals and make people want to buy from you (even if your vegetables are more expensive!). 

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