Happy 5-year work anniversary to Pellings Business Solutions

Today is our 5-year work anniversary – Happy Birthday to us!! 

I wanted to write this blog in the hope that I will inspire and give you the confidence to believe in yourself and to say hold in there and keep going.  You’ve got this.

We all have those all famous wobble moment’s and I wanted to share with you my personal journey and throw in some thank you’s along the way.

Business idea

Little Background on why I set up Pellings Business Solutions

Back in 2013 when I moved to East Sussex, I had an idea that I wanted to run my own business and help others.  I had never heard of the term VA (Virtual Assistant) until I was doing some poking around one evening in good old faithful google and thought, what the heck I can do this job.

I knew that coming from a Credit Control/Collections background that I had loads to offer and many skills which could really benefit small businesses, supporting them with their admin tasks, social media management, credit control, telesales and many more tasks which you can find here https://www.pellingsbusinesssolutions.com/services-1.

I was fed up with the rat race of the corporate life and juggling school holidays, inset days and illnesses and I knew that I needed my career to go down another path, doing something flexible that fitted around the children, contributing to our family’s finances and having a good work/life balance was key to whatever route I chose.

What happened when I launched Pellings Business Solutions

So on 1st May 2014 I launched Pellings Business Solutions and changed my LinkedIn profile to Virtual Assistant and hit launch on my self-designed website (sorry Kelly and James of Clean Slate Websites - yes I was one of those!)

I continued to work in my permanent role alongside building the business which was a struggle for a few years. As a new business owner you never know where is best to advertise and find your ideal clients and you try many avenues until you find something that works.

It took a while with many highs and lows, tears, anger, rebranding, re-finding my-self and remembering why I ‘love what I do’ with many ‘wobble’ moments and on many an occasion I nearly threw in the towel before things really started to change for me and the business.


So what changed and why?

Once I found networking this took me to a whole new place and level both in the business and personally. I moved back to Hampshire in May 2017 and was fortunate enough to find Marian Timms who runs The Mumpreneurs networking club and joined their networking group in June. Marian helped give me the initial confidence that I needed having both moved to a new area recently, it was lovely to find her and have her in my life. Thankyou Marian for the opportunity to get to know you and your members and build my business within your community. You offer a fabulous supportive group and I am just sorry I am unable to make your meeting for the foreseeable future.

I then attended another networking group in early 2018 and met James West who is one of the directors from ONLE Networking, he was telling me all about his wife Kelly West from Clean Slate Websites as I wanted to commission Kelly to design a new website for me and that they along with Cat Archer Underwood had recently set up a new networking group which he felt that I should attend.

So, in June 2018 I joined as a member (not even having gone to a meeting!!), I had heard so many good things about ONLE and knew it was a right step for me and the business to join another networking group. From the very first meeting. I knew from the offset that this was the right move for me. 

ONLE networking is a smaller meeting with around 25 members and visitors, with a fantastic, really supportive family feel about it. I am genuinely a shy person so the smaller environment suited my personality and confidence. I found that I didn’t panic as much when I had to stand up to talk about me and the business. Always a bonus not to have a fast heart beat and sweaty palms!!

In November 2018 I launched my own ONLE group at The Solent Hotel in Whiteley, Hampshire, this was an obvious move for me and the business and when Cat, Kelly and James approached me, I jumped at the chance to run my own group and give back to so many who have supported me over the last year or so.

Who would have thought an introvert would be running their own group!!! I know I didn’t.

Being a part of some incredible networking groups has really put my business on the map and we have flown, I was nominated last year for 2 awards for The Hampshire Women in Business not quite making it into the finals, but that’s ok, to be a nominee was recognition enough for me.

Award winner

Awards season 

This year we are now up for an Mpower award - we will hear on 24th May if we made it to the final, I entered us into 3 categories for The All star Marketing Club awards. I am so proud of what the business has achieved and how many amazing business owners we have met - fingers crossed we hear some good news.

Thank you

So this just leaves me with thank you’s

To my clients who have believed in me and my team, who have trusted us to support you in your businesses, to help you grow and for having the confidence to outsource. Without you I would not have grown an incredible team and have the honour of supporting you on your journeys.

To my team I want to say thank you for all your support over the past 2 years, you have helped me in more ways than one and without your help behind the scenes I wouldn’t have the incredible relationships I have with my clients and built the reputable business that I have. We are all amazing at what we do.

To Cat, Kelly and James - you gave me the opportunity to become a partner of ONLE and have given me the chance to grow as a person and in business. You constantly push me beyond my limits and help guide me along the way. I am honoured to be a part of your team and to call you guys friends.

To the incredible friends who I have made through networking – you know who you are – you have been my sounding board through highs and lows, and I feel honoured to have you in my life.

And finally, to my family for supporting me through the ups and downs over the past few years, you guys are my rock and I wouldn’t be where I am today without your understanding on those long working days…..

If you would like to hear about how we have supported our clients on their journeys or fancy reading some more blogs that we have shared, then please feel free to have a look through our website and contact me to find out more. 

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Happy reading.

Karen XX