I need a Virtual PA! Why it’s ok to ask for help and what to ask for

For many small and medium sized business owners, virtual personal assistants can be seen as a luxury only big companies can afford – those who can outsource projects that require little management but are a real overhead or want a cost-effective executive assistant/secretary.

Small and medium sized business owners have limited time and resources available – at the point at which your business is stable and you don’t have time to do research and development on your next big idea,  the marketing activities you need to do to grow your pipeline or to just be able to take a break from the long hours to make your business work – that’s the time to look at hiring a virtual PA.. 

With expertise and skills of virtual personal assistants ranging significantly it is now becoming easier and easier to find someone who can fit seamlessly into your organisation. 

Not sure where to start? We asked one of our current clients how Pellings Business Solutions has supported them and how they have started to add value to her business from day one:


Expenses are a drain on every small business owner’s time, they are one of the easiest of things to assign to a virtual personal assistant, and they can ensure the reports make it to your accountant in a timely manner.

Business Development 

Prioritizing potential business opportunities can be challenging and sometimes enquiries fall through the cracks. With a good sales process in place and clearly tiered enquiries (however you decide to prioritise them) a virtual personal assistant can return messages and organise meetings - generating pipeline revenue from the beginning of their contract.  

Calendar Management

Organising meeting invitations from clients, prospects, suppliers, friends and other networks, scheduling appointments and planning events are all really time-consuming jobs a good virtual assistant can help you with if you are comfortable with letting go of control of your calendar. Small business owners often get snow blindness because they have so much information to manage, having someone else help you to prioritise your time can be a life-saver. 

Database Entry

You’ve been to a networking event and picked up a new batch of business contacts that you want to connect with or you want to ensure the current information held within your database is correct and up to date. These are both easy tasks to outsource to your Virtual PA. Be specific about your expectations and ask your virtual personal assistant if they are familiar with the customer relationship management (CRM) tool you use. Don’t have a CRM set up? Why not ask your virtual personal assistant to get you started with a free Hubspot or capsule account?

Email Management 

Email overload is a common problem for small and medium-sized business owners and it can become harder and harder to prioritise your time effectively. A virtual personal assistant can help you to filter your most important emails to you for a personal response and manage the rest. It’s easy to do remotely once a virtual PA understands which contacts or information are key to your business. You can always ask them to copy you in at the beginning to ensure their response is appropriate if you’re a little bit worried about handing over your inbox.

Executive Tasks 

Writing seasonal cards, sending thank you notes, and birthday cards or emails can often become time-consuming chores that get pushed to the bottom of the list as other tasks take priority – a good virtual personal assistant can take of all of this and more on your behalf.

Industry Knowledge

Small business owners often struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest in industry news. Virtual personal assistants can help to keep tabs on trends and important things to note. Many business owners can them use this information to update their social media feeds or bring up interesting subjects when talking to clients or prospects. Suddenly you can be a business owner who looks like they always have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in their industry.     

Market Research  

Finding information on corporate websites, competitor research, exploring new products or services, finding relevant topics that are trending to help inspire good marketing content and/or even vetting potential clients and employees before meetings are all useful ways a virtual assistant can provide market research that can help your business to grow to the next level.

Sales Presentations

Summarizing research and turning raw data into great presentations can be a huge time-saver which the right virtual personal assistant can help you with.

Travel Arrangements

Researching international travel, finding hotels, booking train tickets and mapping out itineraries for business and pleasure are all time-consuming tasks that a virtual personal assistant can manage for you quickly and easily. They can also deal with the inevitable hassle of managing time zones when booking so you don't have to.

The truth is once you find a good virtual personal assistant, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t hire them a long time before! 

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